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Each month we feature and support an amazing group of individuals who are truly making the world a better place. And 10% all sales for the month will be donated to their cause. 

July - August 2019: Americares



Americares delivers health and wellness not only in the US, but in more than 90 countries. They are committed to placing health at the center of action and conversation. They show that with good health, anything is possible: education, employment, and active community life. 

They have emergency programs to help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. They provide millions of people around the world access to medicine and supplies. Additionally their clinical services deliver quality health care for people who have none. They also take part in creating and supporting sustainable programs that strengthen community health. 

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June 2019: Surfers Healing Foundation


Raised and donated $58

Surfers Healing Foundation is the original surf camp for children with autism; and they've been delivering magical moments to families since 1996. 

What they offer seems simple: a day at the beach, and (hopefully!) a few good waves. But it's so much more than that.

They give parents a day in which their children are championed, cheered, and celebrated.

They give children a chance to know their own capability, to experience the joy of riding the waves.

They give families a chance to put aside the stress of daily life and enjoy these unique moments together.  The moment he stands up on the board for the first time. The moment she reaches the shore and throws up her arms in victory. The moments we never knew we needed until they filled us up. 

And Surfers Healing delivers this beautiful mission for free. They want families to enjoy a day at the beach, on them.

Visit Surfers Healing Foundation's Site

MAY 2019: Juliette's House


Raised and donated $56

Juliette’s House is a Child Abuse Intervention Center (CAIC) that has provided service to the counties of northwest Oregon for the past 20 years. Their mission is to provide compassionate intervention through prevention, assessment and support for children and families who may have been impacted by child abuse. Their hard work aids in supporting a caring community, free of child abuse, where everyone is invested in raising healthy and happy children.

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April 2019: Monarch School


Raised and donated $45

Monarch is a K-12 comprehensive school designed to educate homeless youth in San Diego, California.

There are more than 1.2 million homeless students across the country, and 23,000 in San Diego county alone. Research shows homelessness contributes to a wide range of challenges including physical and psychological problems, safety fears, and academic struggles. It’s estimated that 75% of homeless students do not receive a high school diploma. The barriers these students face hinder their ability to become contributing members of their families and society, and place them at a high risk of becoming tomorrow’s homeless adults. And Monarch gives students the skills and tools they need to overcome the odds.

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