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Our Story




NPSC roots began to grow in 1998, when I was 17, and a friend of mine who had just gotten a job at a high end all natural beauty store gave me a $20 bar of soap from the shop. And this single bar changed my entire perception of what a shower can be. This bar showed me that the right soap can turn a shower into a complete therapeutic experience. I learned soap isn’t just a cleanser, but an opportunity to wash away negative thoughts, to invoke emotion, and even energize the soul.

So, through the years, I went on to discover and try as many different kinds of soap I could find which slowly turned me into somewhat of a connoisseur. And, of course, many years later, eventually, led me to the decision to take all this experience and appreciation to design my own bars.

And, it was there in the creation of my own dream bars, I found the perfect union in combining my knowledge and love of soap to the electric artisan energy of both North Park, Ca & my original hometown of Venice Beach, Ca. And now I work to bring that same experience to others that changed my life forever so many years ago through NPSC bars.

Photo by Noel Cepeda @graveyardzombie

Why the name North Park?

Growing up in Venice, Ca, meant being immersed in and influenced by an artists culture and mentality that was often referred to as Bohemian.

Upon moving to San Diego, I just so happen to land in North Park, a neighborhood I instantly and deeply connected with to due to its powerful electric energy. Which immediately reminded me of the neighborhood in which I grew up in. And there is where I found great inspiration in starting this small business and developing my own dream bars of soap.

The North Park culture has turned into a movement, built on individuals who share their art, food, talents, brews, services and boutiques. Individuals, not corporations. We are honored to be a part of that movement.

So a deep and sincere thank you for checking us out, and to all our customers who collectively make North Park Soap Company what it is. We are all a part of this.


Shopping Small

We believe that shopping and supporting small business is not just helping to build someone's dream, but also a way to have the most impact in the greater social, local, and global movements.

And to make sure we do our best to build something truly worthy of your support, we donate 10% of all our sales to a great cause for humanity. 

Together I truly believe we can make the world a better place, one shower at a time.

Much love & respect,

Steven De Luna

Sole Proprietor & Soap Maker